Your summer camp registration pack!

For all families with school age kids (rooms 103 and 109), it’s time to register for our new summer camp program. Here are all the materials you need to get your kids set up for the summer.

Registration will be held next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the daycare hallway from 4-6 pm. You can print off these files and fill them out in advance OR these materials will be on hand at registration.

Please note that the daycare will not accept registration materials in advance. Registration opens at 4 on Tuesday, April 1. Do not simply file your forms to the daycare office, but be sure to register in person with Elif during registration times.

All students currently in 103 and 109 are being registered next week. Our camp will be open to the community only AFTER our current kids are enrolled–stay tuned for news on community registration.

summer camp form 1 Summer camp form 2 Summer Camp Policy