Finally, the sun is out and it’s time to prepare for the last few weeks of school and summer. Some of our rooms have some specific requests.

Dear 104 Families,
Looks like the summer weather is finally here. That leads us to yet another change in footwear.
As you know, we have outdoor time twice a day and we want all the children to be as safe as possible.
Please send a pair of shoes which are slip-on or have Velcro fasteners. Due to safety concerns, we ask that all “crocs,” slippers and sandals without a heel/ankle strap stay at home.

Also, please make sure your child has a sun hat daily.
Sunscreen is another necessity for the summer season. Please bring in sunscreen labeled clearly with your child’s name. We require a permission form to be completed before we can apply sunscreen. We will be asking all parents to fill out a form in the days ahead. It would be greatly appreciated if children came to daycare with sunscreen applied at home in the mornings.

Dear Room 105 Parents,

We are asking that each child bring in their own sunscreen clearly labeled with their name.
Teachers will apply as necessary.
All parents will need to complete a sunscreen application form.
Remember to supply a sun hat for your child.

Thanks and enjoy the weather!