Upcoming dates for all, plus 104 news

A busy spring here at HOE! Here’s what’s going on.

SAVE THE DATE: Our Annual General Meeting is Wednesday, April 30, from 6-8 pm. This is a great chance to find out what’s going on at the daycare. Also, it’s a potluck dinner for the whole family. Childcare is provided for the meeting portion of the night.

SAVE THE DATE: HOE’s annual “Family Day” concert, in which your child will blow you away with their cute performances, is on Tuesday, May 13 from 4:30 to 5:30 in the gym. A live show, art made by the kids for sale too. Organize things now to get off work early!!!!

ROOM 104: Show and Tell is on Wednesday, April 9. Bring a favourite, non-violent item from home!