Today is the day!

Our annual daycare “Holiday Happening” fundraiser is tonight in the school gym. Thank you to all the parent volunteers and to those who have donated items to our event. Your generosity is warmly appreciated.

A few reminders and tips for first timers:

  • The event opens at 5:00 pm, however the daycare rooms remain open to 6:00 pm, as usual. You don’t need to get your kids out early.  Food will be available until 6:30 pm.
  • Hang your coats and extra bags on the daycare hooks in the hallway. Bring purses with you to the gym.
  • Consider purchasing a bake sale treat or bringing a comfort toy that you can keep hidden until going home time.
  • Raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets, games tickets, bake sale treats and payment for books or silent auction items are additional costs. We can only accept cash. There is an ATM in the corner store at Yarmouth Road and Christie if you need one, and Fiesta will do cash-back transactions.
  • You have to be present to claim a prize.
  • If you win something you can’t carry home tonight, we can hold it for you at the daycare until tomorrow.
  • Be sure to steal a few moments to meet your fellow daycare families.

Once again, thank you for supporting our daycare.  We look forward to hosting you tonight!

– Hawthorne-on-Essex Daycare Board and Staff