Important Message from Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care

Please find below information from the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care advocating for investments in child care in the city’s 2018 budget. Council meets on February 11th and 12th to vote on the 2018 Budget. Please contact your Councillor to tell them the importance of properly funding child care in the city.

This information is also available as a PDF at the following link:
TCBCC info on Child Care in City Budget

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PARENTS – The City Budget 2018 process is NOT OVER YET!

Executive meets on Tuesday February 6th and COUNCIL meets and VOTES on the City Budget on February 11th and 12th!

Thanks to YOUR ACTION – the Budget Committee approved a further investment in child care on January 23rd – $2.1 million

But the City is receiving a HUGE INVESTMENT in NEW child care funding from the Province . . . And (last year) they committed to match with 20% City funding!

The City of Toronto’s 20% share is $11.2 million and to date the Budget Cme has only contributed 2.1 million from reserves!

CALL or E-Mail YOUR City Councillor and the Mayor and tell them:


They need to PAY THEIR SHARE – and they need to Direct the funding into the FRONTLINE where it can have the GREATEST IMPACT for Families, Affordable Fees and Quality of Care!

DIRECT the Funding to:

1. Child Care Subsides so that more low and middle income families can access a child care space

2. Child Care Per Diems – Pay Child Care programs their FULL Daily Rate – just as you do with your own City run programs! because that Gap between Actual Costs and the Per Diems paid by the City – is ONE VERY BIG REASON why Parents Fees keep going UP!

PARENTS – CALL FOR ACTION – email Your Councillor and the Mayor: Members of Council

WHO WE ARE: The Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care (TCBCC) is a broadly-based organization working to establish a comprehensive, high quality, universally accessible, non-profit, publicly funded child care system. Our membership includes parents, early childhood educators, students, teachers, child care centres, family resource centres, and representatives from community organizations, women’s groups, trade unions & social service agencies.

TCBCC Contact:
489 College St. #206
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5