Family Day Show need to know

Please take a moment to note any special requests for your child’s daycare group for the family day show.

Room 104– there are no special requests

Room 105- We are asking that children bring in jeans (preferably) or dark bottoms and a bright coloured T-shirt such as yellow, green, pink, orange, red, light blue etc. Please bring in items the day before the show (March 20th) Thank you for your support Mary and Ruth

Room 106-If your child has sunglasses please bring them in the day before the show (March 20th) and place them in your child’s indoor cubby. Please have your child wear dark bottoms (pants, jeans, tights) the day of the show.  Thank you Maria and Letizia

Room 103 & 109– is requesting that children bring in dark bottoms (preferably black) and a whit top ( t-shirt, blouse, dress shirt) on Tuesday March 19th and a comb or brush that can be brought in the day of the show. Thank you Nichelle, Tracy, Hannah and Helen.

if you have any questions please speak directly with your child’s daycare teacher.