Room 109

Summer Daycare Info

Summer is almost here!  We are really excited to get our summer programming started. Here is the information you need to make sure your child comes prepared for all the activities in our summer program.  Please note that the summer program starts on June 30th (July 1st is a holiday and the daycare will be closed).  Please see your child’s teacher if you did not receive a summer schedule. Preschool summer info Kindergarten Summer info SchoolAge Summer Camp info

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News for Room 109 and fall surveys

Two pieces of news for daycare families 1. Room 109 parents! For the next two weeks Room 109 is planning activities around babies. Please provide any baby pictures of your child. We will take good care of them and return them upon the end of our activities. -Thank you Hannah and Helen 2. All families — have you returned your survey for fall 2013 yet? The deadline was Friday. If you missed it, here’s a copy. Please fill out and

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