Can your cookie recipe impress Bakerbots’ Roseanne Pezzelli?

Get out your oven mitts, Hawthorne-On-Essex parents! At this year’s fundraiser on Tuesday, November 26, we’re hosting a baking contest, and our first local celebrity judge is Roseanne  Pezzelli of Bakerbots Baking!

Contest categories:

  1. Pumpkin pie: Pie contestants are required to bake 2 pies (one for our judges to sample, the other to be auctioned off)
  2. Chocolate chip cookies: Cookie contestants are required to make 2 dozen cookies (1 dozen for judging, 1  dozen to be auctioned off)
  3. Gingerbread houses: Judged for decorations and appearance – we won’t be snapping the chimney off your masterpiece. Gingerbread houses will also be auctioned off. Looking for inspiration? Check out these wonders.

In adherence with school and daycare policy, all products must be nut-free.

This contest is in addition to our bona fide bake sale, to which any contribution you can make is much appreciated.  If baking isn’t your thing, perhaps you have home-made jam, apple sauce, or pickles to donate? Store-bought goodies are also welcome.

More exciting fundraiser news to come. To sign up for the contest, or if you want to help out with our event, please contact