AGM Info and Message from the Board

Hawthorne-on- Essex Daycare

Dear parents:

We would like to invite you to explore the opportunity of becoming a member on our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors consist of dedicated parents and daycare staff who volunteer their time and expertise to be part of the team of Hawthorne on Essex Daycare.

The mandate of the Board is to make sound business decisions while governing the corporation. The role of the Board is to manage the financial and business affairs of the organization.

Volunteering for a Board position provides you with the opportunity to gain and/or enhance valuable work skills for yourself. Some of those include interpersonal skills in communication and negotiating, or try new skills such as marketing or fundraising.

Our Board meets 10 times per year, usually the last week of each month. The time commitment is approximately 2 hours per meeting. There is ongoing support and resources available to both our new and seasoned Board members.

Also please save the date for our Annual General Meeting on May 13th.