To all families

Dear Families

just a few items we would like to inform you of before the new year.

Our winter 2015 Menu has been posted on the Menu page of our site. This lunch menu is served to the preschool groups. Morning and afternoon snacks are served to all children.

Room 213 families,
Caroline will be on a 6 month leave as she will be teaching in China. We wish her well on this adventure and can’t wait to hear the stories when she returns.
Princeton Grant who has been a supply teacher with us for the past several months will be co-teaching with Georgie while Caroline is on leave.

Room 109 families
Due to the Daycare’s growth, Hannah Mohan will be the full time Assistant Director in the office as of January 5th.
Tracy will remain in room 109 and Marlene will be co-teaching with Tracy.

To all families, if you have not returned your PAD forms to the daycare office, please do so immediately. As of the January 2015 we will no longer be accepting payment by cheques.

if you have any questions about any of the items above please do not hesitate to contact me, or 416-393-9291.

On behalf of Board of Directors and all the staff, I would like to wish all our families a very happy and healthy holiday season.
Elif Sonmezocak
Executive Director